Gold Fleet Tomorrow To Seed For Quarterfinals

April 3, 2012
Palma, Spain

We had four very good races today to end our round robin 6-2, and advance on to the gold round tomorrow afternoon. It was another beautiful day of sailing in very choppy conditions with shifty winds around 6-9kts. The race committee were able to get in 12 flights of racing to wrap up the first round for both groups.

Team Maclaren

Prepping The Elliott 6m's For The Day's Racing
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Group B started the day by completing their seven flights before we boarded the boats to race. Our first race against Team Meldgaard (DEN) started not quite as we planned as we got a penalty in the pre-start. But we were able to counter it on the second upwind leg and go on to win the race.  

Our next race was against Team Mulder (NED). We started the race OCS, but we're able to sail fast and closed the gap enough to round the top mark just behind them. Downwind, we rolled them and broke the overlap towards the bottom of the course. She held us past layline earning herself a penalty. As we rounded the mark, the umpires signaled it was a red penalty (meaning she has to take it immediately), which put us ahead and from there we were able to extend and take that race.

The third race was a little less eventful. Both teams knew which side of the course we each wanted. We wanted the right and Team Groeneveld wanted the left. Despite being bow to stern at the first top mark, us being just behind, the second beat didn't work out quite so well for us on the right and we lost the race by a few lengths.

Our final race was against our USSTAG teammates, Team Barkow and was our best race of the day. Off the line, we took the left and they took the right. When we came together we were bow to bow, but given the conditions we decided it was best to duck. They crossed us and tacked so we tacked out, resulting in a small tacking dual for the last part of the windward leg. We rounded a length behind them and attacked downwind. We were not able to pass, but rounded just behind them at the bottom. Upwind we were able to pick some good spots in which to tack and break free of their cover. As we approached the top mark for the final time, we were still right on their tail. On the downwind leg, we matched their gybe and were able to squash their kite to slow them. We separated high so we could gybe out and were able to get behind them. We sailed for a little while and they were able to gybe on a good wave and then gybe back right in front of us. We heated it up again to gain momentum and then gybed back behind them again followed by a short gybe to leeward of them. We sailed fast to close the gauge between us, putting us in a strong position to roll over the top when we gybed for the finish. As we gybed they tried for the luff, but we were able to get over the top and cross the line first and take the race. This placed us first in our group and advanced us onto the gold round (and quarterfinals).

From groups A and B, the top three teams advance to the gold round. The next three teams from each group advance to the repechage round. Tomorrow's racing starts with the six repechage teams. The top two teams from the repechage will join the six gold round teams in the quarterfinals which start on Thursday. The gold round teams begin their racing tomorrow after the repechage wrap up. (The gold round is a seeding round going into the quarterfinals.)  

You can follow the racing and results online at the regatta website ( or on Match Racing Results Service - Trofeo Princesa Sofia (

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